" " Een kenteken check op schade doen

Een kenteken check op schade doen

Checking a car for damage with the license plate is not only very easy, it is also advisable to check the car damage past. You can use a simple registration check to check the damage history to find out if the car was involved in the accident in the past. This damage check is useful when you buy a car on the second-hand market. Sometimes a damage can no longer be seen through a professional recovery, but there may be hidden damage that you would rather not have to deal with.


Ralph buys a car without doing any damage check

Ralph has been looking for his dream car for months. Every day he checks the advertising sites and one day in the spring of 2013 he finally sees the car for sale. The car is only on sale for a few hours on the site and is offered by a car company. Ralph contacts directly for a test drive and makes an appointment for the same day. It is a BMW from December 2010. The car still looks like new and has only 30,000 km on the counter. The sporty car comes with navigation and is equipped with sport seats. In addition, Ralph gets a big turn, 6 months BOVAG guarantee, an extended APK and exemption from state parking charges for an amount of € 14,000. For the sake of certainty, Ralph checks the reliability of the dealer on the internet for a while and has almost exclusively good references.


An empty maintenance booklet

When Ralph comes home satisfied with the car after having arranged everything with the seller, he starts to set up the car. He also looks at the maintenance booklet and it appears to be completely empty. On this he decides to contact the dealer again, but he indicates that he does not know why this is so. He also does not know why the car was disposed of by the previous owner, but the car was in guaranteed new condition according to the dealer. A service booklet must look like the one below.

Maintenance book car in booklets


Annoying defect

Ralph soon notices that the car pulls slightly to the right when the speed is above 50 kilometers per hour. If he doubles the speed, then pulling the car is simply annoying. Ralph decides to let the car line out with a tire specialist, but this does not work. Ralph decides to have the car examined further and it shows that the rear axle is rigid, leaving the left wheel at the rear to the right outside the margins. Ralph does a damage check and the car appears to have indeed suffered damage.


50 kilometers per hour


Visit the recovery company

Ralph visits a repair company with the car to have a look at what has been done. Several gaps are found at the rear window, some screws have been forgotten at certain places, scour marks are found on both sides of the car, filler spots and spots of masking tape. The car repair company sees that the work has been carried out by a professional, but also informs Ralph that at least half of the car has been replaced and / or sprayed. The rigid rear axle must be replaced. For this Ralph has lost at least € 699, and labor costs have not yet been calculated. He could have saved himself from this misery by doing a damage check prior to the purchase .

damage repair and maintenance